Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dial-up Users Unite!

If I had titled this "2012 Tips for Dial-up Users", "How to Download Updates or Large Files on a Dial-up Connection", Or "What is the Best Browser to Use with Dial-up", I would have probably drawn a huge crowd. Every time I Google any question about using a dial-up connection, all I get are articles posted in 2003 or 2006. However, I know that we are all still out here struggling to keep our sanity because I surely cannot be the last person alive on earth still using dial-up!

We have become the most discriminated against minority. If you have the guts to ask a legitimate question about how to download some very necessary update on a dial-up, you are slurred and ridiculed for your status in life. It does not matter how many times you explain that there are no other options available to you, you will still be maligned and embarrassed. The present generation does not understand what it means to have to do without.

My story is this: I live within 4 miles of Cable and DSL but neither are available to me. I live in the USA in the backward State of southern Indiana and do not have a cell phone signal. If I stand outside in my yard I can get 1 to 2 bars of AT&T Edge, not 4G or even 3G but Edge. I live in the country on a farm but not in a remote area. I live within a few miles of two different Primary Schools. I have friends who do live in very remote areas that have DSL. The only thing that is available to me is Satellite and my neighbors who have Satellite all have horror stories about how much they pay and how horrible and unreliable the service is.

I am not rich but am not on food stamps, welfare or any other type of assistance. I DO NOT HAVE A CELL PHONE or TV.  I pay $7.99 per month for my Dial-up and around $50 per month for an AT&T land-line telephone service that is unstable at its best, but that is how I stay in touch with the outside world.  I cannot afford much else unless I can ditch the phone service which I would love to do, if any provider would ever bring mobile phone service to the southern Indiana area.

Now, if I go to a forum or anyplace that answers technical questions and ask which is the best browser for use with a dial-up connection after telling my whole story, I will still get smart mouthed know-it-alls who tell me to get with the program and quit living in the past or to pay the extra money for broadband. That is sooo helpful to hear, it tells me that this person is a moron who cannot read.  But these are the comments that are always made by those who wish to appear intelligent and living in this present world and who have personally gotten WITH the program.

In this economy, with the price of everything going up, I don't know how people can afford to have a family with so many digital gadgets and data plans. I have a feeling that some people are reverting back to dial-up simply because they aren't wanting to use up their data allowances.

Paypal recently redesigned their start page with a bigger picture and the point of that is what? To make my wait longer before I can do business with them. I really don't go to Paypal to look at pictures of people sitting by a lake. I go there to conduct business and the quicker I can get that done the happier I am. Now if I were using a restricted data plan, I would be real happy with that new, bigger picture too.

Another thing that I will rant about while I have your attention is that Google and Facebook keep asking me for my mobile phone number in order to recover access to my accounts if they are ever lost. I do have an emergency email address listed with both of them but they keep insisting on a mobile number which I DO NOT HAVE!

This was taken from the Google "harass me page":
Don't wait until it's too late

Users without recovery options are 9 times more likely to lose access to their accounts. Protect your account by making sure your password recovery options are up-to-date. Learn more about the benefits of account recovery options.
Mobile phone number  --  Recommended
We'll send you a recovery code via SMS that you can use to reset your password, in case you ever forget it.

If you have any tips on better browsers or things that make Dial-up less painful, I would be thrilled if you would post them here or if you know of recently updated websites that discuss these concerns please post links. One thing that I do love and use when I can is the "Free Download Manager" because you can resume most downloads from where you left off if your connection is closed down or broken. However, most of the really huge downloads, updates and upgrades now have their own installers that you have to download first and you don't get access to the links for the full downloads which also irritates me.

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